januari 13, 2006

  • Boeken in 2006: 4-6

    boek 4: The Jane Austen Book club, Karen Joy Fowler
    I did like this book. I hadn’t heard or read that much about it, so my expectations weren’t that high. I must admit I’ve only read Pride and Predjudice and Persuasion, both over ten years ago, so most of Jane Austen is still new to me. Thus, for me, the characters in this book were mainly themselves and not that much like Jane’s creations. I didn’t like the “we” narrator that much, it made me feel there was a seventh person around. But overall, it was a pleasant read.
    Conclusion: This book has mainly made my mount to-be-read higher: I do have all Jane Austen books (yes, in one volume *shame on me*), and will try to (re)read them, starting with Northanger Abbey.


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