oktober 15, 2006

  • Boeken in 2006: 104-112

    boek 104: The sands of time, Michael Hoeye
    Our beloved watchmaker Hermux Tantamoq is in trouble again. All of Pinchester is talking about his formerly blind friend Mirrin Stentrill’s paintings, which are monumental portraits of cats! After all, cats are not a popular topic in a city of rodents — and everyone knows they never really existed anyway. Then a mysterious old chipmunk appears in Hermux’s shop with what he claims is a map of the royal library of a prehistoric kingdom of cats. Before long Hermux is hot on a trail of treachery and deceit, leading all the way from Pinchester to an ancient tomb that lies buried in the sands.
    Conclusion: Lovely read, great sequel. I will also be reading part three.


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