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8 januari 2006

Boeken in 2006: 1-3

boek 1: Het dagboek van Floortje Peneder
Floortje kreeg op haar twaalfde leukemie. Tot haar dood op vijftienjarige leeftijd schreef zij aan haar Lief Dagboek. Ze schreef over wat haar bezig hield; de kleine dingen in haar leven, over meidenlol, over haar leven in het ziekenhuis, maar ook over de naderende dood.
Conclusie: Ik vindt het een indringend dagboek. Het geeft je een blik in het leven van een meisje dat 3 maanden ouder was dan ik, maar nooit ouder dan 15 werd.

boek 2: Trace, Patricia Cornwell
I had to read this book, it being the most recent Kay Scarpetta novel. I have skipped Blowfly on purpose, since I’d been told it wasn’t good, compared to Cornwell’s other books.
Trace has some of the things I liked about the Scarpetta books: Morino and Kay working together, weird cases, suspence. But somehow, it just didn’t work as well as in the older books. I had some trouble with sudden answers to the questions in the cases this book is about. For me, they came out of the blue; in previous books, the build-up and explanations were better. Nevertheless, the book had a certain pace and I enjoyed reading it.
Conclusion: A nice read, but not fantastic.

boek 3: The last battle, C.S. Lewis
I wish I hadn’t read this final part of the Narnia saga. I enjoyed all other books (I’ve read them in December 2005), but this one is just too much the Christian Lewis talking. It seems like he had the feeling he had to justify some things and make the books more Christian. So this book is all about good versus evil, the Lord versus Satan, Heaven and Hell and reunion with those who went before us in some sort of afterlife. I must admit he never uses the words heaven, satan and such; apparently, being raised in our western society, I managed to place those labels all by myself. And I find it quite tacky. One other complaint: why did he choose to get rid of Susan?
Conclusion: I will not recommend this book to others, but will be promoting the rest of the Narnia series.

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