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8 februari 2006

Boeken in 2006: 14-18

boek 14: Almost Night, Ann Prospero
This book is supposedly a thriller, but it never thrilled me. If you’ve ever read other thrillers, this book is a give-away from page twentysomething. I did finish it, because I like the way Prospero describes scenes, but there was hardly any mystery.
Conclusion: Only read this book if it’s one of your first thrillers.

boek 15: The year of the intern, Robin Cook
I can believe this book caused quite a stir in 1973, when it was first published. It describes a year in the life of a young intern, working 24 hour shifts, being on-call every other night. Soon, he uses the same defences “the others” use: carelessness, casual sex, sarcasm… Lucklily, we have a different training system in the Netherlands, but I think this book actually is quite accurate in it’s description. Sad, but true.
Conclusion: A must-read for MD’s-in-training, otherwise only read it if you’ve got the guts for it. It will make you look at doctors differently.

boek 16: She died a lady, John Dickson Carr
This is the first Dickson Carr I’ve actually read (I own several). JDC is reknown for his locked room mysteries and other stories where it seems impossible for the killer to get away, and impossible for the detective to find out what happened. In this case, two people who seem to have planned suicide by jumping of a high cliff are found in the water… shot in the head… with no traces of footsteps in the area… while the gun that was used is found about a mile inland… The story is great and surprizing, and if you look back, you would have been able to find some things out, if only you’d read more careful.
Conclusion: Even though it is set in the 1940, this book is still a great read for those who like intellectual mysteries.

boek 17: First person plural, Cameron West
Cameron West is Cameron West. And he’s also Clay, Mozart, Leif, Per, Bart, Dusty and 18 others. Cam is suffering from Dissociative Identity Disorder (multiple personalities), caused by repetitive child abuse and rape in his childhood. In this book, we see how his normal life, with a wife and a son, gets turned upside down when his alters come out and the proces of diagnosing and accepting begins. The story shows the impact on both Cam and his family, and how they eventually learn to cope. Cam has a website:
Conclusion: Intruiging read which makes you wonder about the human mind and it’s ability to cope and survive.

boek 18: Dooi, Rascha Peper
Prachtig boek over een vertaler die met zijn woonboot ingevroren is op het IJsselmeer, terwijl zijn vrouw door de kustwacht naar land gebracht is. Hij werkt en leeft in een droomwereld, waarbij jeugdherinneringen en het te vertalen boek over vissen door elkaar lopen. En dan verschijnt er ineens een knappe jonge vrouw ten tonele, een schaatsster… En ineens is de aanhoudende dooi niet meer gewenst, maar gevreesd…
Conclusie: Prachtig geschreven, verrassend slot, aanrader!

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