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26 januari 2006

Boeken in 2006: 10-13

boek 10: The healer, Frank G. Slaughter
Romantic novel from the 1950s in which a MD saves the live of the woman who, if she remains alive, could ruin his professional life.
Conclusion: Somewaht out-of-date, but a reasonably good read.

boek 11: See Jane date, Melissa Senate
Funny chick-lit about a girl who has announced she is taking a fancy boyfriend to a wedding, just to impress her high school nemesis, who in the end appears to be a human being like the rest of us.
Conclusion: A breezy and funny novel.

boek 12: Blackie, Stephen Downes
The story about a man trying to safe his cat’s life when the feline has been diagnosed with a brain tumor. Downes describes the medical details vividly, but also tells us about his feelings of remorse, regret, love, pain, and so on. It’s realy insightfull and almost philosophical in the end.
Conclusion: I recommend this book to anyone who has ever loved a pet and especially to those who do not understand why others love their pets.

boek 13: Beautiful child, Torey Hayden
Another real-life story. Tory Hayden is a child psychologist who gives remedial teaching and is a specialist in diagnosing and working with children who are mutistic (who do not speak). At the start of a new school year she meets Venus, 7, who doesn’t speak. During the school year we see her struggle with this girl, trying to find out what is going on in her head. And just when things are starting to work out, Venus disappears… This book also tells the stories of six other children who are in the same classroom.
Conclusion: A very touching story. I have deep respect for Torey Hayden and others who do the same kind of job.

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