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26 april 2006

Boeken in 2006: 39-45

boek 39: Losing you, Nicci French
Another great thriller by this British couple. Nina Landry is supposed to be taking her two children on holiday, away from the isolated winter bleakness of Sandling Island. But when the time comes to leave, Nina realises her fifteen-year-old daughter, Charlie, has yet to return from a night out. She starts a search, but why will nobody take her daughters disappearance seriously? Nina has to get to know her daughter quickly in order to be able to safe her life.
Conclusion: Chilling, well-written, recommended read.

boek 40: Only you can save mankind, Terry Pratchett
Johnny Maxwell is about to set the new high score on the computer game Only You Can Save Mankind when suddenly the alien fleet in his sights sends him a message: “We surrender.â€? But aliens in computer games aren’t supposed to surrender – they’re supposed to die! But it’s all just a game anyway, isn’t it? Isn’t it?
Conclusion: I did finish the book, but it’s no way near the Discworld series imho.

boek 41: Saartje Tadema, Thea Beckman
Saartje is 7 jaar als ze terechtkomt in het Amsterdamse burgerweeshuis.Keer op keer wordt haar verteld dat weeskinderen vooral dankbaar en gehoorzaam moete zijn. En dat zijn niet bepaald Saartjes sterke kanten. Ze worstelt zich door een aantal moeilijke jaren heen, reikhalzend uitziend naar het moment dat ze het weeshuis kan verlaten. Het beeld dat Beckman schetst van het leven in het Burgerweeshuis komt heel historisch correct over.
Conclusie: Wederom een mooi jeugdboek van Thea Beckman, behalve het voor mij het te zoetsappige einde, maar ja, je kan niet altijd alles hebben…

boek 42: The Undomestic Goddess, Sophie Kinsella
Samantha Sweeting is rocketing up the legal ladder. But when she makes a career-threatening mistake, she walks out of the office and quite mistakenly into a new life… as a housekeeper. We read how she gets her act together, learns to cook, falls in love, and discovers some things…
Conclusion: I would love to read a sequel, just to find out if it is possible to end a high-flung career to settle down and cook.

boek 43: The Grenadillo Box, Janet Gleeson
A nice whodunnit which makes you think of many different suspects with every clue found and gets you into the era of Chippendale. This book has everything I like in a historical murder mystery: characters who seem to come alive, enough cruelty to make me shiver sometimes, a detailed description of the surroundings and way of life in said time period, some love interests, twists ans turns in the plot and such.
Conclusion: Scary at times, but beautifully written. I highly recommend this book.

boek 44: Beach House, R.L. Stine
Teenager thriller about a deserted beach house and the awful things that happened there, both in the present as three years ago. With a lot of gory details, like you’d suspect from a book in the Goosebumps series.
Conclusion: Good in-between-books read, not brilliant, but okay.

boek 45: Death from the woods, Brigitte Aubert
Elise Andrioli had it all until she was caught in a bomb explosion and left widowed, blind, mute and quadriplegic. Taken back to her home near Paris, her life does not become any calmer. A serial killer is murdering young boys in the woods, and Elise gets involved when a young girl tells her more and more details.
Conclusion: Very mysterious book with a strong yet feeble main character and a surprising ending.

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